Random brain dumps

Gitlab is a great development tool, getting better with every release. They give you access to their new-ish pipelining features on Gitlab.com for free. However, I wanted to setup the Gitlab Runner (this is what executes your CI build) on my own VPS using Docker. Gitlab makes this very easy to install, but the documentaion is spread out when it comes to setup and execution. I thought an all in one document showing all the steps would be helpful to the community. ... Read More
When I was in High School, I was a roller coaster enthusiast (and still am, only with less time to visit parks). Cedar Point is my favorite park, and I would make the 4 hour trip (each way) monthly. On one particular trip, my father and friend joined, and the timing was right to see the results of a recent delivery…roller coaster track! The track was located on a dirt stretch behind Mean Steak, no barriers or signs indicating that we shouldn’t stop and look. ... Read More

2017 Goals
19 January 2017

A new year is right around the corner, and to help motivate myself, I am going to share my goals for the next year. Throughout 2017 I will reflect on my goals and evaluate how I am doing on accomplishing them. Stop changing the blog platform I changed blogging platforms in 2016 more times that I would like to admit. It is distracting/wasteful to keep this up, as each time the cost is multiple hours that can be better utilized. ... Read More

Take my money!!
20 October 2016

It’s rare that I spend money on desktop applications, mainly because I’ve been a Linux user from the late 90’s. Lately I found myself plunking down some cash to purchase 2 pieces of software and 1 VPS for Nextcloud. I felt they were worth the investment and in the case of Quiver, I wanted to support the developer. IntelliJ Ultimate The beast that is IntelliJ…I finally broke down and bought you (well subscribed). ... Read More