Random brain dumps

When I was in High School, I was a roller coaster enthusiast (and still am, only with less time to visit parks). Cedar Point is my favorite park, and I would make the 4 hour trip (each way) monthly. On one particular trip, my father and friend joined, and the timing was right to see the results of a recent delivery…roller coaster track! The track was located on a dirt stretch behind Mean Steak, no barriers or signs indicating that we shouldn’t stop and look. ... Read More

2017 Goals
19 January 2017

A new year is right around the corner, and to help motivate myself, I am going to share my goals for the next year. Throughout 2017 I will reflect on my goals and evaluate how I am doing on accomplishing them. Stop changing the blog platform I changed blogging platforms in 2016 more times that I would like to admit. It is distracting/wasteful to keep this up, as each time the cost is multiple hours that can be better utilized. ... Read More

Take my money!!
20 October 2016

It’s rare that I spend money on desktop applications, mainly because I’ve been a Linux user from the late 90’s. Lately I found myself plunking down some cash to purchase 2 pieces of software and 1 VPS for Nextcloud. I felt they were worth the investment and in the case of Quiver, I wanted to support the developer. IntelliJ Ultimate The beast that is IntelliJ…I finally broke down and bought you (well subscribed). ... Read More