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Learning a new programming language is an investment in time and money (if you purchase learning material). Sometimes a job forces you to learn a new language in order to be productive and to do your job. My personal preference is to learn a new language without the pressures of instant productivity, this is the route I took when I wanted to learn Elixir. Attempt #1 I first attempted to learn Elixir in Q4 of 2015, but my schedule (lack there of) didn’t allow me the time I needed for deep learning. ... Read More
If you use a linux distribution which cannot install .deb or .rpm packages, Rescuetime appears to be unusable. Solus Linux cannot install either of those packages, and the developer I reached out to at Rescuetime didn’t quite know why I wanted a .tar.gz (or insert your fav compression algo here). I decided to find out if the binaries contained within the .deb file could run on a Solus Linux system. ... Read More
My previous post helped those running Solus Linux to install the Nanobox client, now it’s time to do some work! This blog is a static site generated by Hugo, let’s move that over to Nanobox so we don’t have to touch a server again. Check out their new pricing, I won’t be managing servers anymore if I can help it! Setup In order to use hugo it first must be installed, this can be accomplished within the boxfile. ... Read More
Managing the servers that your application(s) run on is enjoyable to some. I’ve automated server provisioning, deployments, backups, etc. using Ansible but it’s not enjoyable in the same way as building applications. From reading Start Small, Stay Small: A Developer’s Guide to Launching a Startup, I learned that tasks which can be outsourced, should be outsourced. Can you manage the infrastructure? Sure, but then you won’t be creating value within your application. ... Read More
Gitlab is a great development tool, getting better with every release. They give you access to their new-ish pipelining features on Gitlab.com for free. However, I wanted to setup the Gitlab Runner (this is what executes your CI build) on my own VPS using Docker. Gitlab makes this very easy to install, but the documentaion is spread out when it comes to setup and execution. I thought an all in one document showing all the steps would be helpful to the community. ... Read More