2017 Goals

A new year is right around the corner, and to help motivate myself, I am going to share my goals for the next year. Throughout 2017 I will reflect on my goals and evaluate how I am doing on accomplishing them.

Stop changing the blog platform

I changed blogging platforms in 2016 more times that I would like to admit. It is distracting/wasteful to keep this up, as each time the cost is multiple hours that can be better utilized. The blog is powered by Ghost and hosted by Ramnode, and it shall stay that way throughout 2017. The hours that would be dedicated to mucking around will be spent on education/projects.

Focus and being productive

Looking back at the end of a week, and not feeling like I utilized the time to my fullest potential is a feeling I want to part ways with. To help with focus I will begin scheduling recurring tasks, and tracking all other tasks using Todist. Having a daily list of what needs to be completed motivates me more than any other options I’ve found.

The Pomodoro Technique will also be used to time box working sessions and assist with focus. I’ve used this in the past with great success, but I need to make a habit of it.

Tame distractions

The Pomodoro Technique helps focus but what if you need to also tame distractions? ColdTurkey is a great app that allows you to create a list of sites and native apps to block. You can schedule times to block specific block lists, which makes it that much more useful. Also when you visit a blocked site, you see an inspirational quote. Similar to the Pomodoro Technique, I need to make a habit out of using this app.


There is a backlog of books that need to be read, both for professional development and personal development. Most are scoped to software programming and Scala. I would like to add in a few other books not related to computers, as all work and no play makes Frank a dull boy.


This is related to the Focus and being productive section above, I have many ideas of products and need to build at least 1 of them in 2017. Whether they bare fruit and bring in a few dollars, or are just a learning experience, it will be a valuable use of my time.


I want to write more, brain dumping my thoughts helps me to organize what is in my head. When I begin my project(s) I will take everyone along with development updates and screenshots. Weekly or bi-weekly updates of how things are going (professionally or personally) might happen. I am still unsure about how much I will share from my personal life, I keep that part pretty close to the chest.

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