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I’ve been using Nanobox for months now on my side projects, it is an amazing tool for dev(s)/teams that are solo or want to avoid devops work. One item that I miss from my devops days, was the ability to deploy based on a git tag. Being able to checkout the code that currently lives on production, at any time, saves a lot of headaches when it hits the fan. ... Read More
My house is at the top of a hill, and no weather stations are close enough to accurately determine the wind speeds. Being the nerd that I am, knowing the current and historical wind speeds is something I would love to play with. I am most interested in the wind speeds during storms. Being able to use Elixir to build this project makes it even more fun! Parts List I sourced parts from Adafruit and Amazon. ... Read More
Learning a new programming language is an investment in time and money (if you purchase learning material). Sometimes a job forces you to learn a new language in order to be productive and to do your job. My personal preference is to learn a new language without the pressures of instant productivity, this is the route I took when I wanted to learn Elixir. Attempt #1 I first attempted to learn Elixir in Q4 of 2015, but my schedule (lack there of) didn’t allow me the time I needed for deep learning. ... Read More
If you use a linux distribution which cannot install .deb or .rpm packages, Rescuetime appears to be unusable. Solus Linux cannot install either of those packages, and the developer I reached out to at Rescuetime didn’t quite know why I wanted a .tar.gz (or insert your fav compression algo here). I decided to find out if the binaries contained within the .deb file could run on a Solus Linux system. ... Read More
My previous post helped those running Solus Linux to install the Nanobox client, now it’s time to do some work! This blog is a static site generated by Hugo, let’s move that over to Nanobox so we don’t have to touch a server again. Check out their new pricing, I won’t be managing servers anymore if I can help it! Setup In order to use hugo it first must be installed, this can be accomplished within the boxfile. ... Read More